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an hour of cabaret-theater

Carrolling returns to Dixon Place Lounge Friday October 23, 2015!

Bruce Lazarus' Carrolling: The Lewis Carroll Project is a cabaret-theater piece for singer-actors and piano which celebrates Lewis Carroll’s wit, loopy logic, engagement with mathematics, and love of the world of children. About half the poems are from the ever-loved Alice books, but other songs are settings of poems from works such as Sylve and Bruno and The Game of Logic.

​The 15 songs are exuberant, comedic, and occasionally introspective in the slightly asymmetrical phrasing and mildly spicy harmony of the contemporary art-song. A few of the songs - such as “Tweedledum and Tweedledee” - are complete dramatic scenes in themselves. There are also fun songs (“Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat”), songs with satirical edges (“Beautiful Soup”), sad songs ("Be As A Child"), sweetly naïve songs (“Doll Song”), songs which relate to the disappointments and hassles of everyday life (“Voice of the Lobster" and "Mad Gardener’s Song”)., and songs which express a calm, almost Zen-like approach to life (“Is All Our Life a Dream?”).

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