one-hour theater piece or cabaret for two male and two female s​inger-actors with piano​

Workshop Performance of Carrolling at Lewis Carroll Society April 26, 2014

Carrolling celebrates Lewis Carroll’s wit, loopy logic, engagement with mathematics, and love of the world of children. About half the poems are from the ever-loved Alice books, but other songs are based on poems from less familiar works such as Sylvia and Bruno, Rhyme and Reason, Tangled Tales, and The Game of Logic.

​The 15 songs are exuberant and occasionally introspective in the slightly asymmetrical phrasing and mildly spicy harmony of the contemporary art-song. A few of the songs - such as “Jobberwocky Cantata” - are complete dramatic scenes in themselves. There are also fun songs (“Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat”), songs with satirical edges (“Beautiful Soup”), sweetly naïve songs (“Doll Song”), songs which relate to the disappointments and hassles of  everyday life (“Mad Gardener’s Song”)., and songs which express a calm, almost Zen-like approach to life (“Is All Our Life a Dream?”).

Click here                          to hear Jason Koth as the Mad Gardener.

​            Attention Producers and Theater Companies! - a note from the Composer
Carrolling is a complete theater piece in search of a collaborative effort, and could have wide appeal to children, adults, or both, depending upon how it is presented. I am delighted to provide more materials for your perusal. Please contact me at if interested.

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