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Carrolling - Outline and Song Sequence

​1. Introduction
The Time Has Come 
Letter to Jessie Sinclair
Pen and Ink 


​2. World of Whimsy

Lobster Quadrille

Voice of the Lobster

Salmon Song


​3. World of Children
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat 
Speak Softly to Your Little Boy
Doll Song 
Be As a Child 


​4. The Game of Logic

Tweedledee and Tweedledum 

The Game of Logic 

Crocodile Song

They Told Me You Had Been To Her 

​5. The Mad Gardener  

​6. Jabberwocky​
Prelude to Jabberwocky 
Jabberwocky "Opera"

​7. Happiness, Love, Calmness​
Letter to Mary Brown
Is All Our Life But A Dream? 
Say, What Is The Spell? 
Till What Is Dark Be Light​

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