SATB unaccompanied 

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Snowflakes is a short, peaceful, wintry song for a cappella SATB chorus, with lyrics by Linda A. Copp, a great choice for high school and college choruses. 

Snowflakes spill from heaven’s hand
Lovely and chaste like smooth white sand
A veil of wonder laced in light
Falling gently on a winters night.

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Our World              


SATB with piano

Our WorldCantabile
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An uplifting, secular piece about our planet’s place in the universe with lyrics by the composer. Its energy and relatively low  difficulty make this three-minute piece an excellent choice for high school or community group.

You and I share a single place
A private universe, tiny point in space.
Complex world of water, stone, and air…
Necessary water, stone and air
Turning while we whirl around the sun…

Spinning as we whiz around the sun.

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Boethius said

SATB unaccompanied

BoethiusCantabile, R. Scott, Dir.
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A musical tribute to the Roman philosopher Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius (477–524 AD).

Boethius said:  

In celestial revolution, motions of great bodies are sounded in their courses.

And some are higher, and some are lower

some faster, some slower, 

some bigger, some smaller.

And these extremely rapid motions could not be completely without sound.

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The Isle is Full of Noises 


SATB with piano 

Isle is full of Noises (excerpt)Cantabile
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Adapted from The Tempest, this is a dramatic, 8-minute cantata on Shakespeare’s eloquent meditation on dreams and music.

The isle is full of noises, sounds, and sweet airs

that give delight and hurt not.

Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments

will hum about mine ears

and sometimes voices will make me sleep...

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Youth Chorus (SSA)

with flute, cello, harp  

StarSongs (excerpts) Juilliard Precollege, R. Scott, Dir.
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​"Inspired by the writings of astronomer, exobiologist, and science writer Carl Sagan, StarSongs is a cantata for youth chorus (boys and girls age 13-18), with flute, harp, and cello. Composed between August and November 2001, the 18-minute, six-movement work expresses my feelings of connection with distant planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole." (B. Lazarus) Please visit the StarSong page

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Candle BlessingCantabile
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