Far Corners 

for flute solo

Far CornersL. Zucker, flute
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"A showpiece for the solo flutist, Far Corners is a set of five variations which explore unexpectedly interesting aspects of the opening musical idea. To this end I exploited harmonics, quick changes of register, and my own quirky sense of humor. Several listeners have mentioned that the second variation tricked them into thinking there were really two flutists playing at once; exactly the illusion I had aimed to create." (B. Lazarus)

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November Sonata

for flute and piano

1. NovemberB. Siesel, flute
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November Sonata, composed in 2011, is a three-movement, 15-minute work for flute and piano. The title refers to the composer's favorite time of year: late autumn, when late afternoon light is soft and diffused. The three movements are entitled November, May, and February.

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Reliable Sources:

Concerto for two pianos

Reliable SourcesB Lazarus
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“Brash and confident, tender, mysterious, humorous, and slightly jazzy, this 12-minute single-movement concerto from 2018 is based on dozens of musical ideas - or "reliable sources" - which I jotted down in the early 1990s.” (B. Lazarus)

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 Romance and Scherzo

 for cello solo

ScherzoK. Kaufman, cello
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​“When I commissioned composer Bruce Lazarus for two solo cello pieces, I asked that they be written so that cellists of relatively modest accomplishment could play them without too much difficulty. I am happy to see that he has succeeded while maintaining variety and scope. From the opening of the pensive “Romance” to the more cheerful “Scherzo”, with its darker middle section, the stylistic breadth and accessibility of Romance and Scherzo will I’m sure greatly appeal to cellists and audiences alike.”​ - Kurt Kaufman

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Threnodies and Anthems

for bagpipe and tenor saxophone

(one or two players)

Threnodies & Anthems J. Ingram
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"Threnodies (expressions of grief) and Anthems (affirmations) was inspired by the HIV-AIDS deaths of my parents and many of my friends.  The agile, fluid tenor saxophone expresses mourning in a series of threnodies, and the steadfast bagpipe responds to each threnody with a life-affirming anthem. By the end of the third cycle, the saxophone is able – haltingly – to reach an equanimity that the bagpipe picks up and fearlessly expands."  (B. Lazarus, 1994) 


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